Benz Oil Company Inc.

Benz Oil Company Inc. is the leading agricultural, industrial, and residential fuel distributor in the western North Dakota area.

But our diesel, gasoline, methanol and lubricants are not what make our business unique – it’s our ability to deliver the products to rural North Dakota from oilfield locations to your own neighborhood.

Some would say it’s convenient. To that, we say convenience is our job.

We Proudly Serve


ND Residents

Heating your home is not optional in North Dakota. Whether it’s heating oil or propane, our friendly staff will make sure your home heating tank is full and your family is cozy during the cold winter months. Fill your propane in the summer months and take advantage of our excellent summerfill prices.



We serve several types of businesses including Oilfield Companies across the state that require fuel for their operations, including construction, manufacturing, and fleet services. See what we can do for your company.


Farmers & Ranchers

At Benz Oil Company we understand from experience that the grueling seasonal work of farming and ranching requires dedication, efficiency and mother nature’s cooperation. We will get your fuel to you when you need it when timing is everything.